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    I use mostly Min Wax polyurethane, brush on, spray, and mix my own wipe on, 50%-50% poly and mineral spirts, I thought I read someplace it is not necessary to stir/mix polyurethane because it will not separate? Any one agree with this? Same way with spray cans, is it necessary to shake 2 full minutes? thanks for any replies. dan

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    I always follow the MFG's recommendations to be safe. I would hate to put in all the work into a project and then have the finish fail.
    I managed a custom semiconductor processing lab and we always had someone that tried to save time by changing the process destroying months of work.
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      I agree with Rolf. Follow the product instructions on the can. Not worth the risk of potential problems to save a couple minutes.

      If the polyurethane is anything but a gloss, stirring also serves the purpose of blending the flattening agents that make it either a satin or semi-gloss.
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        Hold your spray can by the top and spin in a circle to stir for 2 minutes than shake right before spraying. It gets the contents on the bottom mixed better.

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          My favorite poly is the Minwax. I found a really old can of the brush on kind (semi-gloss) in the back of the closet last week. Opened it up. It had indeed separated a little, and needed stirring to remix.
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            When I know I am going to use a can of spray the next day or so, I will shake it for about 30 seconds or so and then turn the can upside down over night. Then when I am ready to use it the next day, I shake it (upright) for the time stated. This works well on cans that have been sitting for a few months.
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              thanks for the replies, sounds like good advice. I will be honest, I have not read the directions on the can (brush on) lately. I contacted the manufacture via the contact / email option. There advice is to stir the product before using. thanks dan


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