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  • how to remove paste wax

    hi everybody, I've been reading posts for awhile now, I've just registered because I need some help.. awhile back I carved a hiking staff, nothing special, justa rattlesnake winding it's way up the staff. after I was done I rubbed paste wax into the whole staff, now as I look at it, it is so plain, the detail just does not stand out. how can I remove the wax so I could maybe put a light or thinned stain over it.
    thanks, dave

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    Re: how to remove paste wax

    You might try turps or paint thinner. 8)


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      Re: how to remove paste wax

      If that doesn't work, try lacquer thinner, but use it OUTDOORS! after that wash the whole thing down with simple Green and rinse it well. You may find the grain has raised, but a light sanding should take care of that. For highlights, try woodburning details in, before you stain.



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        Re: how to remove paste wax

        If all else fails, minwax makes a dark wax xx I got a can by accident because the only label identifiying it as dark was on the lid vice front of the can. Anyway the little label say 'special Dark for darker woods' but being as how I had it I tried it and it does darken and highlight the detail somewhat. It also takes a little of the shine off acrylics.


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          Re: how to remove paste wax

          To fully remove wax from your carving, go to an auto paint store and get some silicone wax wash (this is a generic terminology, trade terms are Pre-Kleeno and Final Wash, among others).
          Wear solvent-resistant rubber gloves, and safety glasses. Use a clean rag, saturated with the wash, to rub the surface completely. DO THIS OUTDOORS! Constantly turn the cloth. The wash will dissolve and lift the wax into the cloth. If you do not turn the cloth over to expose a fresh surface, you will just re-deposit the wax. Use as much cloth as necessary, until you are sure all the wax is gone. Pay special attention to crevices. Try a toothbrush (preferably one you aren't going to use again!) and compressed air in those spots.
          You can then apply whatever finish you desire on the piece. Unfortunately, if you have not been thorough enough, you will not know until you apply the finish. You'll find out because it won't dry (usually in crevices).
          Hope this helps.



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