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  • finishing santa

    I am just about to paint the first santa I've ever carved. I usually do birds. Anyway, I've seen on some of the posted pictures that they have a sort of 'antique look' to them. It looks as though there is a dark wash applied over the paint. I want to achieve that look

    So, what do you do?? Is it just a dark wash that soaks into the cracks? Help. ???
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      Re: finishing santa

      Over my acrylic paint I use a home-made antique glaze made of a dab of burnt umber oil paint in a big glug of Winsor & Newton's LIQUIN. Works for me.
      Friday I was in a craft store and saw a bottle of Delta's Antiquing Gel. Tried it for the first time tonight and just hated it. I'm too old and set in my ways to make many changes. :P


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        Re: finishing santa

        My wife paints all my Santa's and then uses a brown or light brown acrylic antiquing. Any brand will work. She will mix in a retarder at 2 parts antiquing and 1 part retarder to slow the drying process. You can apply it with any bristle brush and after lightly removing the heavier amounts with a paper towel she will use a mop brush to blend the creases and corners. Allow to dry 4-5 days and then seal with a polyurethane sealer. I prefer a satin finish. It really tones down the brightness of the reds and white and give the Santa's a warm antiqued look. Good luck and happy carving.


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            Re: finishing santa

            After I paint my santas I use a paste wax shoe polish in a light tan color. I apply it with a tooth brush and buff it out with a soft cloth. This leaves an antique look and has never worn off. Works for me


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              Re: finishing santa

              I like to use a solution of linseed oil and burnt umber. Just a dab of burnt umbrer, mixed well. Following my painting this goes on----I like the effect, but test before using. I apply heavy (lots of stuff) then wipe off with a soft cloth. Again test, if it is not dark enough, add burnt umber, if it is to dark, add linseed oil. My finishing follows, linseed oil coat (filler) water colors (Delta Cream Coat) then llinseed oil and burnt umber. Wipped down and somewhat polished with the soft cloth. Used on cowboys, santas, etc.etc. Test Test and then test. charlie : 8)


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                Re: finishing santa

                I don't use an antiquing medium, polish, or polyurethane seal.
                I try to get that look just using the paints. I just let the oil that rubs off your hands do the job. The more a carving gets handled the better it looks.

                Practice the different blending techniques, learn how to highlight and shade objects, how to dry brush --etc.

                Delta Technical Coatings puts out a book called ' Beginning Guide to Decorative Painting'. It is published by
                Tru-Color Systems, Inc.
                64 East Marion Street
                P. O. Box 496
                Danville, IN 46122-0496

                Happy Carving & Good Painting



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                  Re: finishing santa

                  Oh, I agree. Take the time (and spend the money, if necessary) to learn how to use paints not only to 'color' a piece, but to give it more dimension through shading. Antiquing medium has its place, certainly - to make a piece look old or worn - but learning to blend and shade while painting can give you the edge in bringing your piece to life. I have seen some beautiful carvings totally ruined by a bad paint job. No amount of 'antiquing' could save it.

                  Stroll through your local craft store - there are so many books available on decorative painting, that will teach you the basics you need to know to begin blending and shading your painting on a carving - you'll be amazed at the added dimension and character your carving will realize.

                  Spend as much energy learning to paint and you did in learning to carve. You won't regret it!


                  "Santas for the Soul" &&Original Carvings by Teri Embrey&&[email protected]


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