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  • MacS

    No Bob, I never gave it a thought, I'm too deeply involved in my thoughts about writing for SSW.

    Bob, I do appreciate your help with the photos.


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  • BobD
    My wife does something similar for a faux finish with her scrapbooking...Hmm...Mac...have you thought about applying some of these techniques to paper crafting? I know scrapbooking is hot and those magazines are very popular...

    I can see it now! Mac on DIY Scrapbooking or the Carol Duvall show!!!! Or maybe Craft Lab (all the shows my wife watches!)


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  • bearfretworks
    That is innovative! Good stuff Mac.

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  • Rivari
    Wow, using bubble wrap to get that effect, who would have thunk it.

    Cool idea Mac!

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  • CanadianScroller
    Thanks Mac, thats very informative and I can see a whole range of finishes based on the same principles.

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  • MacS
    started a topic Hammertone Finish

    Hammertone Finish

    This is one of many faux "hammertone" finishes.

    I did this one with a piece of small plastic bubble wrap, this is an original idea that I have used before in another article on faux and fantasy finishes.
    I hope this scan comes out good.

    Here, is how this hammertone finish was done.
    1) Apply acrylic silver base coat, allow to dry.
    2) Apply clear gloss acrylic lacquer, allow to dry.
    3) Apply Van Dyke Brown glaze on piece, lay a piece of plastic bubble wrap on top of the glaze, rub it down.
    4) Remove the plastic bubble wrap, and then allow the glaze to throughly dry.
    5) Apply a few coats of clear gloss acrylic lacquer and allow to dry.
    6) Shows the final hammertone finish.

    Different base colors and colored glazes can be used to create other hammertone finishes.

    Think Twice, Finish Once.
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    Last edited by MacS; 03-13-2007, 10:14 AM. Reason: I want to add photos

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