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  • Moving on....

    "Glazing can do it all" this article appeared in "Canada Woodworking".

    Glazing, is a very versatile finishing technique, it certainly worth learning.

    You might want to print this out, and enlarge the article.

    There is some good information in this article.
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    You may want to scan that in as a can compress it more to make a smaller file without losing any resolution. If you want, you can e-mail a high-res image to me and I'll take care of it!



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      That's a great gesture Bob. I don't know anything about glazing...wouldn't mind reading about it, but I'm a four-eyed person, so I need more visible print.
      Jeff Powell


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        LOL..shouldn't we be encouraging people to buy the magazine??

        Sue Chrestensen


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          I agree with Sue. Even tho Mac wrote the issue, are there any Copyright issues (as far as the Magazine is concerned) with making the page available for download this way?
          Check me out on the web:


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            Moving on to another Suject.


            Thank you, I will first try the PDF and see what happens.

            For what its worth, most magazines don't mind if you use their published articles, as long as you mention the name of the magazine that it was published in.

            I'm not here promoting other magazines, I'm only trying to pass on some information to those that are interested in learning about finishing.

            If Shannon or BobD have a problem with me using articles from other magazines, I'm sure they will let me know soon enough.
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              Technically, most magazines operate under the premise of "First North American Publication Rights...meaning that Mac promised that magazine the right to publish the information first...then it becomes Mac's sole property and he can do what he wills with it.

              Like I explained before, I don't have a problem with people posting information from any reputable source...we're here for a free exchange of information!



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                And here it is! Thanks, Mac, for sharing your knowledge!
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                  Bob's posting of article.


                  Thank you for posting the article.

                  I know, that there are some others that will find this article informative. If they have any finishing questions they can post them here, and we can discuss it.

                  I will continue posting articles as they are published, and from time to time I will post some things that I am working on for future articles.



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                    Thanks, Bob. I download all the articles I can on topics that so far baffle me, like finishing. (I even save threads from this bulliten board to my computer.)

                    So thanks again, Mac and Bob. Things like this really help.

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                      Blotching, is the next article..


                      I agree with you and BobD.

                      I will soon be adding another article on "Blotching" that is appearing now in the magazine "New Woodworking" in the UK.


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