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Acrylic stains and finish.

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  • Acrylic stains and finish.

    I'm doing some pieces with Minwax acrylic stains and I have the Minwax polycrylic finish, but I don't really like it; on my test piece it looks and feels way more "plastic" than the oil-based finish does on my regular stuff. Do you all have any suggestions for a better finish? I see a lot of folks use gel varnishes; would that work over acrylic stain? This is a sentimental pair of pieces for my great aunt so I really want them to look and feel their best Thanks!

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    Yes, the Gel Varnish would work as long as the stain is dry.

    If you like the "oil base finishes" why don't you just stay with them. they do have a "softer" look.

    Are you using the brush- on "polyacrylic"? If you are,you could allow the acrylic stain to throughly dry, and then use an aerosol can of the "regular" clear acrylic lacquer (not the water base) to complete the finish, these cans come in different sheens, and leave a professional appearence on the work.

    Good Luck


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      Oh, hey, I didn't think I could use the oil finish over the acrylic stain. If I can, I'll stick with that since I have a big can of it (I use it a lot, I like it). I'll try the lacquer on my test boards too, though, since I have a piece coming up that I'll want to be really professional looking. Thanks a lot!


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