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    I have just started scrolling. But was wondering has any body played with staining portraits. Such as using clear coat on a persons body, different color stains for clothing, and maybe another color stain for everything else????
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    I haven't personally done this but I have seen them done this way. If done well, they can look terrific. Not done well, let's just say they don't look so good.
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      Another option may be to vary the color of the backer you use instead of a solid color. You could customize the colors to sync with the picture.
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        Thanks Kevin. I guess I could try one if I don't like it I can sand and refinish.

        Bruce I thought about that too. I went and bought a pack of different color construction paper so I could lay the project down on them to see what color best fits. Also I can cut and mix the construction paper to see how using different colors would effect it like the red white and blue on a flag versus the black. I figured it was cheaper this way than to buy the backing and decide I didn't like it.Then once I find what I like I can buy the stuff
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          Try using colored tape to cover cuts from the back. With paper you have to secure it somehow. With tape it secures itself. I tried to color a piece and didn't like it. I used tape and filled in the blanks on a John Deere tractor. It ended up looking to "busy" and was better in its natural state to me. But that was the only one I ever tried. Something different might have better results though.
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