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Glue size ( MDF & Wood)

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  • Glue size ( MDF & Wood)

    Some bit of information I came across today.

    I was just reading an article in a mag that spoke of using glue as a sizing agent (washcoat?).

    Mix 1 part glue (white or yellow) to 10 parts water and apply as a sizing agent to prevent blotching or to even out end grain color with the rest of the board when staining.

    Also use the 1 to 10 or even make a 1 to 5 ratio and use it to prime MDF before painting so that it doesn't soak up as much paint

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    Wouldn't it clog up your paintbrush?

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      Originally posted by Gill
      Wouldn't it clog up your paintbrush?

      Dilute 1 to 10 ? I wouldn't have thought so unless you leave the brush unwashed for a while ...

      I've used Unibond, which is PVA adhesive, to seal newly plastered walls and ceilings before painting and had no problems washing the brush .. getting the dried glue splahes out of your hair is a different matter .... though it got easier over the years due to less hair

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        White Glue as a sizing!

        White glue has been used for decades as a sizing for wood and other materials.

        This is the formula that I used for "closed grain wood" I use 1/3 glue to 2/3 of water, on "open grain wood", I use 50% glue and 50% water to seal the open pores.

        To be sure that I completely seal the wood I use two coats, its very important that the sizing is fully cured before you apply each coat. If it is difficult brushing out the size you can thin it out with some water. If for any reason you need to remove the glue sizing you can use household vinegar.

        This sealer will work for paints, lacquer coatings, and polyurethane. it will remain translucent after it dries. Its great for woods that suck up the coatings that you apply.

        Gesso, is another product that is used to seal and acts as a good base to build a finish, its commomly used to prepare raw wood for gold and siver leaf.
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