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Wooden Gear Clock finish?

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  • Randy
    Let's keep all of this information together??

    There is already a thread started on this clock project and it would be a lot simpler for folks to access the information if it were all kept together in one place. Let me suggest that further responses be posted to the following:


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  • Peterpan
    You probably have a few of these finished by now!

    Analine dies are powdered dies disolved in water or alcohol, that when wiped onto parts (dipped or brushed), provide stains in a range of brilliant or natural colours. Prone to fading over time, they are none the less invaluable. Most of the wood supply places like Lee Valley, sell them.

    You could use any shelac product that dries and builds. I keep real shelac around so that's what I use. Shelacs tend to go off, so if using a product in a can, test it to see that it dries readily. Then just follow the instructions. I would personally stay with clear shelacs for these pieces.

    If you look at the designer's website, the pictures there show these clocks with rather poor finishes, just the result of the lighting conditions of the photographs. It does indicate that heroic efforts at rendering each piece to look like a piece of miled lexan were not made.

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  • snatiep
    started a topic Wooden Gear Clock finish?

    Wooden Gear Clock finish?

    Hello Everyone!
    I have most of the pieces cut out for the wooden gear clock in the latest issue of ScrollSaw magazine. The next step says to finish the pieces using aniline dyes and denatured alcohol. What exactly are aniline dyes and how is the author applying them? I am thinking he used a pan and dipped the pieces in it. Then the author says to apply several coats of shellac to all of the surfaces except the teeth. Is he refering to the shellac in a can, and how is he applying the shellac?

    Sorry for all of the questions but I am anxious to get the pieces cut out and the finish applied so I can put the clock together and see if it runs!

    Thanks so much!

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