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Odor Free Finish?

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  • Odor Free Finish?

    Is there such a thing as a odor free finish? When using the any oil based finishes, my wife complains,and have gotten headaches. I take it outside,and it takes a week to dry.
    I like how they enhance the grain...but not what they do to me.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Bob.
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    Water based finishes are pretty much odor free and have some other advantages as well. They offer fast dry times and no discolorations such as the ambering that comes with a laquer. I'm not sure about the minwax acrylic poly sprays, but the professional sprays with the catylizers used by cabinet makers offer the best UV protection as well...but they are not suitable for outdoor use and the finish fails if alcohol such as wine is spilled on it. The hardness factor can be as good or better than an oil based polyurethane. A professional grade acrylic poly can have additives mixed in to alter the hardness of the finish as well, but for you and I, we can just afford to go to lowe's and pick up a can of minwax acrylic. I tried out their new sprays in a can and had great success. Looks milky on application, but pay not attention to it, dries super clear.
    Jeff Powell


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      The water based laquer I use for some of my finishing is close to odor free when applying it and there is no odor from it that I can detect after 24 hours of spraying it. It is also a more durable finish than conventional NC (nitrocellulose) laquers which have extremely high odor levels.

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        I'm touchy to chemicals also, and so far I've had good luck with Minwax polycrylic and Tried and True Danish Oil.


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          I mentioned this once before but I haven't tried it yet.
          Acrylic floor wax.
          It is really transparent acrylic paint.
          I have seen it under various names.
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          I have used waterbased finishes and they smell strikingly like the floor waxes.
          Not a heavy smell but a slight odour
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            Interesting responces,.I your opinions could any of these be used as dip, hang, and let dry...? Bob
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              I'd say no on the dip, but you can hang on a cable and spray away, then leave it on the cable to dry. Water based finishes do generally require a sanding after the first coat dries. Water tends to raise wood grain more than oil, but water dries faster reducing dust from settling on your finish.
              Jeff Powell


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                I used a water based fininsh on the clock in my "New Years Day Project" thread and I was very pleased with the results. I want to thank Jeff for his suggestion at the first of this thread. I bought mine at "BORG". I just followed the directions on the can. I put three coats on at about 1/2 hour intervals. It does go on kind of milky but clears up as it drys.

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