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Are all coatings SAFE?

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  • Are all coatings SAFE?

    To all of you who "thought" that once all the solvents evaporated and the coatings were cured, that made all the coatings 100% safe.

    Well, here is something to think about.

    Don't beleive everything you hear or read, just because its in print that don't make it true.

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    Well, at least this proves modern coatings are safe otherwise every piece of furniture made would be recalled. Lead has been illegal as an additive for over 30 years.
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      Safe coatings

      if all coatings were tested then I would agree, coatings are not tested, and manufacturers want to keep it that way.

      Do you realalize how many new finishing products were developed in the last 30 years that are being used in all the coatings being used in finishing today.

      Did you know, that only banned solvents and chemicals cannot be used, but if the solvent or the chemical has not been tested, it can be used until it has been tested which can take years and years. That is why, no one makes waves and they don't want their coatings tested.

      That coating with the "lead" was coating their furnitnure since 2002 they first got caught in 2006, the solvent had evaperated and it was all cured, but it was not safe was it!

      They talk about "encapsalation" inside the coating, it didn't make this coating safe, did it.
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        I don't make a habit of biting my furniture, of course, but Mac, your posts on this subject seem to suggest that nobody should ever use any finish on anything, in case it contains some as yet undiscovered poison.

        I'm sure that's not what you mean. So what should we do, if we're not supposed to believe what we read or follow what other people say?
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          yikes...I'm boycotting the finish section from my daily gets to serious for a clown like me.
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            ummm Bill Y. My question... Why such a blatant personal attack on a public forum. You especially of all people should know better!!! Dale
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              Come on folks.

              LET's VOLUNTARILY LOCK THIS THREAD until the mods wake up and do their thing.

              Personal attacks are unaceptable. STOP IT NOW, PLEASE.

              Let this be the last post here!!!!! No more post to this thread....please.
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                I agree Barry!!! Dale
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                  Non Constructive comments

                  I have locked the thread and removed some of the comments.
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                  I have had two notifications of complaints about the threads.

                  None of this is in the best interest of the forum and the members.
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