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need a 12"x12" frame made ASAP

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  • need a 12"x12" frame made ASAP

    im almost finished scrolling a portrait for a good friend of mine but wasnt thinking about where i'd get a frame for it for the fellow.

    he's going to be giving it to his daugter for christmas, so i need to find a frame 12"x12" that has enough room for a 1/4" thick piece of wood to fit in.

    if you or anyone you know can make such a thing for me (at a fair price of course, please let me know asap. as far as what its made of, something like oak, cherry, or birch

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    If it is going to hang it on a wall, Michaels Crafts will have what you need. Frames designed for oil canves usually have a recess of at least 5/8".

    If you needed a frame finished on both sides, then frames designed to hang stained glass panels in windows would fit the bill

    ( as an example.

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      Timm-- does it have to be 12x12-- go to walmart or me I go to the dollar store and buy a nice looking frame-- when you take the glass out a 1/4 ply fits very well in the center- I use backer board the size of the frames outer edges and stain it to match the frame-- it works very well this way and it isn't all that hard to do.


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        Not an inexpensive solution but craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell frame sections that can be cut to size. Here's another idea. Rather than frame the entire piece, add a decorative scroll to each corner (something you could make yourself). Here's a pic of what I'm trying to say...
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