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Can you paint over Danish Oil

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  • Can you paint over Danish Oil

    So after making some frames for things that I've cut recently. I got them all glued up and spent this last weekend staining them with Danish oil. After I finished the last one and was hanging it to dry with the other frames my wife comes down, looks at them and wants to know if we could just paint the frames different colors.

    I'm hoping and/or guessing that once the Danish oil has dried that there should be no problem painting them.


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    Since Danish oil is not 100% tung oil and contains varathane. I would guess you can paint over it once it has cured for about 24 hours. I'd give it a try on a test piece first. Let us know what you learn.
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      Hi Dan - you could use an oil based stained varnish. In deference to Mike I'd play safe and give the Danish Oil 3 days to cure completely, then rub it back slightly with a fine grade sandpaper, 400' or finer, just to cut the surface, then remove any dust and apply your varnish of choice. A Google search on oil based stained varnish will find a number of brands.

      I also regularly use a polyurethane top coat on well cured natural tung oiled surfaces and haven't had problems to date.
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        To be certain that the paint will adhere to the danish oil, you could seal it with a coat of shellac. The Zinnser in the spray can would work well for this. Dewaxed shellac will stick to just about any other finish and just about any finish will stick to it. After the danish oil has fully cured (several days or once the smell goes away), hit it with a light coat or 2 of shellac. You can then safely use just about any paint you want to on top of the shellac.
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          Oil colors on oil... normally, when you have a layer of danish oil, only oil colors can be adhere correctly. But my thinking is more that of a painter than that a scroll saver...
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