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    I'm going to try my hand at bookmarks for the first time and have a question for those of you who make them. Do you usually apply a finish, or do you leave them unfinished? If you finish them, what do you use?

    . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
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    I finish mine, if you dont they will get all funky from the constant handling.
    I dip mine in a 50/50 solution of alcohol and shelac (Zinser Seal Coat) sanding sealer ( I do that with all of my stuff now) a light sanding and then a couple of light coats of Rustoleums painters choice clear matte finish.
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      sawdustus of hiawatha


      Sometimes I stain them with a dark walnut - red oak combination or chestnut for lighter ones. Then a light sanding and a few spray coats of either varnish or shellac. Varnish seems to hold up better under use. Thanks Rolf, I like the idea of dipping them in a diluted Zinsser seal coat and will have to try it. It would be much less expensive than spraying them twice or three times just to seal in the color and then having to spray a final finish on.
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        I spray mine with Deft clear lacquer.
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