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mixing poly brands

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  • mixing poly brands

    here's an oh no tip. I was finish spraying a picture with poly. I had enough to finish one coat. I let it dry and sanded as per usual. Then I grabbed a different brand can and sprayed coat #2. Bad idea, the finish curdled the first coat. The other brand, which is actually a better brand, is not drying properly either. Now I have to wait for it to fully dry, which could take a week, who knows, and then I have to remove all the finish and start over. You may ask why not just sand it down now, but with the finish not being hard, it comes off like rubber, clogging the paper and making a bigger mess.
    Jeff Powell

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    Jeff, I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago, after letting the first coat dry, I used a different brand for the second coat and it turned white ( no it wasn't white paint )
    I ended up throwing it in the trash.

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      Mixing finishes

      Thanks for that tip!


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        I sure won't trash it, I'll fix it. I'm hoping to do an article on this picture. I know if I'm patient and let it dry completely hard that I can sand out the orange peel. I'd love to show you the picture, but that might not be a good idea at this time.
        Jeff Powell


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          Jeff, if I can recommend something. Include the mistake in the article and show how you fixed it. I, for one, really like to see what others have done wrong and how they fixed it. Just an idea, of course.
          Chuck D

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            Start to finish samples.


            A bit of advise to save you a lot of grieve down the road. Always, save a sample of the same wood you will be using on your projects to make up a complete start to finsh sample, this is also a great way to learn how to finish.

            in your case, you may have screwed up your sample, but not your scrolled piece, as the second poly coating would have showed you there was poor compartibilty between the two polyurethanes that you applied. And, you would have stopped.

            I hope you learned your lesson, and always use the same materials throughout your project unless you know better, and use the start to finish sample to be sure you have compatible materials throughout the finish. Samples, also allows you to learn new materials and techinques in the finish, and it can teach you how to make changes and improvments in they shouls be needed.

            Most woodworkers learn from our mistakes, while others learn from advise from others, who have already been there..

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