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  • finishing fret work

    So far all I've done for finish is dip my fretwork pieces in mineral oil and hung to dry. I'd like to try putting stain on them. How do you rub this into a piece of fretwork? Also how do you get the stain into the cuts? Thanks Enaid

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    Is it possible for you to dip your fretwork in the stain also?? That is what I do with puzzle pieces, and it seems to work well. I just use a shallow aluminum pan for dipping.
    I hope this helps you.


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      Minerial Oil ?

      I think, you might want to consider switching over to one of the "drying oils" rather then using the mineral oil, using drying oils will cure the mineral oil never dries, the drying oils will protect the stain and also will become a permernent coating on your scrolled pieces. You won't have to keep reapplying the mineral oil as it dries out.

      Good Luck
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        enaid, if you have applied mineral oil to the wood staining it now will do very little. You should apply the stain first. I would dip it in the stain then use a small, dry paint brush to remove the eccess stain. However you do it try it on a scrap piece first. Good luck with it.
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          As Sandy suggested, your best bet is to buy a disposable aluminum roasting pan. They are pretty cheap and last a long time for this purpose. Make sure all the saw dust and frizzies are removed from your fretwork piece. Then pour enough stain in the pan to slosh the piece around in to cover all the inside cuts. I usually tape a sheet of waxed freezer paper to my work table and tape several layers of paper towels over that. Sort of shake off as much of the excess stain as you can, then lay the piece face up on the towels and wipe off the remaining excess stain with a lint free rag. The paper towels will wick the excess stain fron the inside cuts. Don't let the piece dry on the towels as it will stick to the back. Move it somewhere else to dry. Then fold the freezer paper and towels up and discard them in a safe manner. Pour the stain left in the pan back in the can and wipe the pan out and save it for another project. No muss....No fuss and easy as falling off a log!!!!
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            Using a brush

            You might also want to have a brush handy, when the scrolled piece is inside the aluminum pan with the stain, if the stain don't take into any places, then force the brush with the stain into those frets or any other part.

            If the stain for some reason does not penetrate into the deep corner of the frets, try a piece of dental floss soaked in the stain, and then pulled thru should color it.

            Wear a pair of surgical gloves when using the stain.


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              finishing fret work

              Thanks. One more question what are "drying oils"


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                Danish oil, by Watco is a popular one. boiled linseed oil is another.
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  Drying Oils


                  I taught you well, now I see your teaching others. (lol)

                  Share the knowledge.


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                    Yup Mac, all that time when you thought I was harassing you ,mocking you, and telling you how dumb you were, I really was listening and soaking up all that valuable information. After all, you DO have about 70 years more experience than I have!!! Dale
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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                      Yes, your right !

                      Dale, it's not the amount of years that one has done something that counts, it's what that some one has done in those years that actually counts.

                      Dale, you also, forgot to mention Tung Oil, which is another important "drying oil."


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                        Sorry Oh Great One!!! Your a hoot Mac!!! Dale
                        Dale w/ yella saws


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                          Add colour?

                          Originally posted by enaid
                          So far all I've done for finish is dip my fretwork pieces in mineral oil and hung to dry. I'd like to try putting stain on them. How do you rub this into a piece of fretwork? Also how do you get the stain into the cuts? Thanks Enaid

                          Morning Enaid,

                          I am not sure if the "stain" you are talking about wanting on your fretwork means that you want to add colour to your scrolling or whether you are talking about a final finish.

                          I have written an article on finishing fretwork for SSW&C, (similar to the Sand Shading article) I am not sure when Shannon is planning on publishing it, or in which issue, but I in the meantime I would be pleased to assist you with this if you are looking to add colour to your work.

                          Take care


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