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  • Painting tip for today!!!!

    Reuse those plastic containers that coffee comes in. They are great for elevating projects or wood that you are spray painting or drying after painting with a brush. For more stability, you can put a few rocks inside.
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    Dick Miraglia

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    Nice tip. I also like using those little tripod shaped things that keep your pizza from sticking to the top of the cardboard box.
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      Good Tip

      Thanks for the tip Dick,
      They're also good for holding paint when interior or exterior house painting, much better that those gallon cans. For some shop work, I also use an old rack from a dish washer. If your work will not balance on the "fingers" just turn it over and use the grids. I'm sure any appliance store will give anyone one from a traded in dish washer.


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        Never, ever throw out plastic margarine or butter containers! I use them all the time for everything. Or the plastic containers with lids from chinese food. They are great when you are making items that have multiple parts and want to keep everything to one project together - like Diana Thompson's angels. Angels and wings in one container. Perfect!!

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          That's a good tip and if you put it on a lazy susan platform you won't even have to move to the other side.

          I use my coffee containers to hold my paint brushes or to keep my epoxy and glues upright when I'm transporting my crafts to my friend's house. Those little cups with lids from restaurants that hold salsa or something like that come in handy when painting craft items too.

          Now Mike...why did you have to mention pizza? Now I have to run out and get one.


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            All good ideas. I have been using the triangular offcuts I saved when I made some raised panel cabinet doors years ago. They store compactly, sit flat on my workbench and are quite stable. For staining or finishing lots of small pieces, I use the rectangular food savers that I get Chinese take out in.

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