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Tack cloth residue

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  • Tack cloth residue

    I am refinishing a gun stock and I bought an used a tack cloth for the first Time and it appears to have left a residue all over my stock , I am going to use tung oil to finish the stock ( also a first for me) can I use rubbing alcohol to slean this residue or goof off? Or is it not a big deal ? Any help on tung oil and the proper use of a tack cloth is greatly appreciated .
    Btw I was trying to search for the answers but I am on my phone and when I use the search function my phone goes crazy ... Any help is appreciated

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    I would try mineral spirits (paint thinner) first. I'm not a big fan of tack cloths. I think they can cause more problems than they solve, as you have discovered.

    I usually vacuum sanding dust off in preparation for finishing. If I'm using an oil or oil based finish, I'll sometimes wipe if off with a rag, dampened with mineral spirits, but usually the vacuum is sufficient.
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      I agree with bill. I really do not like tack cloths either.
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        A 3rd don't like tack cloths and like Bill, I also vacuum the dust.
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          Well thank you very much ! First and last time I use a tack cloth I should've just stuck with the way I have always done it , thanks guys!


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            I use a gentle tiuch with the tack cloth. Have never had a problem.
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