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  • System Three Epoxy followup

    About a month ago, I posted asking if anyone had any experience with System Three epoxy finishes for waterproofing. I tried it out on a fish measuring board I make to measure endangered fish. This board is made from cheap pine (complete with knots) and has a meter stick embedded. We used the board to measure approximately 3500 fish over a 9 day period. When not in use, the board is stuffed in a wet bucket with other equipment and is carried from one net to the next along a 5KM of river. Before placing a fish on the board, we wet it to minimize trauma to the fish. The fish board gets a real workout.

    With the epoxy finish, the board looks as nice after the trip as it did when first made -- except for the dirt, dried fish eggs, etc. Meanwhile, other boards that were finished with spar varnish (6-7 coats) have warped badly and one ended up in the trash.

    If you want to finish a vase or other project that will be submersed or filled with water, I'd highly recommend using epoxy.

    Here are some pics of my crew using the board.
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    Mtnman Jim

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    Thanks for the update Jim glad it worked so well for ya, that is a lot of fish getting measured.
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      Good to hear Jim .... epoxy is certainly tough stuff.



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