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Packaging tape removal problem

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  • Packaging tape removal problem

    Hi e1, I read that to get the packaging tape film off your project to use mineral spirits. I took some and put it on my project with a brush then took a toothbrush and scrubbed on the wood. It looked like it got it off until I wiped it down and dried it off. I still could feel there was some left all over. When I rubbed the wood with my finger more came off. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to soak it in the mineral spirits or let it sit on the project for awhile or what? I cant rub too hard on some of the parts cuz the deer legs would break cuz they r tiny. Is there something else that works better?
    Thanks Karen

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    Some of the cheaper packaging tapes are just too thin... they tear easily. And some of the better packaging tapes are costly. My preference is to cover the wood with self-adhesive vinyl shelf paper (and rub it down good), then use spray adhesive on the back of the pattern and apply the pattern onto the shelf paper. When it comes time to remove, the shelf paper resists tearing and it was meant to be removed so you don't have to fight it. It also saves time because I trace the workpiece onto the shelf paper and cut it out so it is applied to the wood in one piece. When I'm making projects for framing, I am usually cutting 8.5" x 11" plywood (in stacks) so I take a new roll of the shelf paper and cut the roll in two (on the band saw), one piece being 11" wide. To use it, I only have to use scissors to cut the 8.5" dimension to match the plywood. I usually can find shelf paper at the dollar store.

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      My preference is always blue painters tape under the pattern. Never leaves a residue. Clear packing tape always gave me trouble.
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        The mineral spirits are recommended to remove a pattern that was glued directly to the wood with a spray-on glue. I works well and you only need a small amount. I don't know about clear tape stuck directly to the wood. My guess is the plastic in the tape is probably keeping the MS from penetrating to the adhesive.

        Do you have a heat gun? After the mineral spirits have had a chance to dry, warm the tape with a little heat and gently peel it off.

        I usually use blue painters tape directly on the wood, then glue the pattern to that. The blue tape will easily peel off when you're done, even with the pattern still attached. Why blue tape? Once I missing a small piece of tan masking tape, then on another project, a small piece of clear packing tape. I found them later when the finish was nearly ruined.

        Some say blue tape it's too expensive, but on a per-project basis, it's only a few cents more.


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          Blue Tape

          I also only use blue painters tape, all three sizes and it's worth the price.
          I take it one step farther and use the orbital sander with 220 grit then a quick spray of shellac. Makes for easy pattern removal and reduces the lifting of the plywood pieces.


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            Karen, are you putting the clear packing tape on bare wood or on the pattern.
            Don't put clear tape on wood, it is hard to peel off.

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              I much prefer using blue painters tape on the wood then gluing the pattern on that and then put a layer of packing tape over that to prevent smearing my pattern as I sweat a lot. It is so easy to remove nothing needed to remove.
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                Thanks e1. had a small emergency yest and couldnt get back.. yes I was putting the clear tape directly on the wood and then gluing the pattern to that. So I will go get the blue painters tape and use that from now on. My hubby had probs with the blue tape coming off a painting project once but he left it on the wood for a yr lolol... OK well I know what to do now. Thanks again for your help.


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                  P.s. On the residue problem. Should I just keep trying to rub it off with my finger? Slow way to go but it seems to come off but I cant be sure its all off there.


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                    Karen I use a spray bottle with ms in it. I spritz the area let it set for a few minutes and then wipe off any residue with my fingers and then use an old t-shirt to wipe off the work piece and then set it aside to dry unless I'm dipping it in tung oil then I just go ahead and dip it right away the ms will not interfere with the tung oil. I mix my danish oil 50/50 with ms anyway.

                    I adhere my patterns directly to the wood with spray adhesive and packing tape over the pattern. I've been doing it this way for years. spritz with ms and follow above instructions. The blue painters tape is an added step and expense I don't care to spend the time or the money on.
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                      If I have any glue residue I will use some laquer thinner on a rag outside with gloves on.
                      That should take care of it. I also use blue tape Under the pattern. And on large projects I use removable clear contact paper. It is a lot cheaper than blue tape for those bigger projects.
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                        I also use painters tape. I also use Rubber cement thinner ,you can find it at Michels crqft store or any Art supply store.


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                          Thanks alot guys. This should help alot. Mike, I didnt want to pay for the painters tape either. It's hard enough trying to keep both of us in hobby supplies as it is.


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                            I fully understand. A roll of tape or another hunk of wood or two...Lets see..Yep wood every time.
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                            "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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                              Blue painters tape, no muss no fuss. It's the only way to go. Pre sand and don't wipe all of the dust off then apply blue tape. For me the pennies are well worth the time and aggravation it saves.
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