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Dye kit test result boards as requested

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  • Dye kit test result boards as requested

    Hi Everyone,

    I was asked that if I ordered the Keda dye kit to let the forum know how the results went. I have attached 3 pictures of the test boards. I mixed these colors at 8 oz with hot water for a starting point with 5 grams of the 5 colors from the kit. The brown was a little dark for me yet so I mixed in 4 more oz of hot water, along with the Blue and the Black. The Red and Yellow I only added 2 more oz for a total of 10 oz to 5 grams of powder from the kit, since these colors tend to lighten over time.

    I have to say the kit in total was only $10.49 even after the shipping. I didn't expect a whole lot of anything at that price, but I did received 5 colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, and Brown) which for me made a total of 56 oz of dye concentrate in 5 colors, and is going to help me a lot.

    This kit worked as well as any other dye that I have used before, and in some ways even better since I got 5 colors to play with right away. This would be a great starter kit for those who do not have a huge supply of dye already, like myself.

    The two sets of boards are maple and oak. The Purple and Dark Red (lower 2 boards) in center pic is Rotary Cut Maple. Check out my other post for a more detailed description of what I did how the results went if interested at

    Thanks Again everyone, and I hope this helps someone else also.

    Kindest Regards,

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    Thanks for the helpful information. After seeing the results I might try using Dye .


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      Re: Wood Dye kit

      No problem.... the kit helped me and if I help at least one person save some money, or help them decide if they like the results or not; it was worth it for me.

      I know, I love using dyes, they really show off the wood. Rotary Maple is my current favorite wood to finish with dyes. It has a really unique finish.

      I love mixing/playing with my own colors to highlight and show off the wood's grain.

      For me it is so much more personal and gives me total control of my wood projects from start to finish, (except for growing my own trees, I do not have that long to wait for wood) but that's just me.

      It is our differences that make us unique..



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        What is rotary maple?
        The samples look great, very intense colors.
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          Hi Kam - thanks for posting your test results. I particularly like the primary colours which came out very well. Very useful information!
          Jim in Mexico

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            Hi Rolf,

            Thanks for the comment. What I was referring to was the cut. Rotary Maple is just the way the wood is cut, instead of cutting the wood in half or quarters; they literally roll the log and apply the blade which peels it back into layers. The only drawback is that they can only cut to a certain thickness (I think it is 1" or 2"). It is also used in veneering and is a type of cut, like: Rift Cut", "Plain Sliced", "or "Quarter Cut".

            As for the Samples, what I did was prep sand, apply about 3 teaspoons of the dyes to the 12" X 12" boards from the Keda kit (Sprayed on, but I don't think that matters; it's just easier for me), let them sit for about 40 seconds, and wiped them off.

            Thanks again you guys, I hope that helped, if not let me know...



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              Kamara, if you're still around how did you make the dark red boards in that last picture? Did you just leave the stain on a long time or did you mix it with the brown or black? That's almost the color I'm looking for on my kitchen cabinets. I found the Keda wood dye a bit ago and decided this is the way I want to go once my cabinets are all prepped.


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                Very Interesting.
                And I just ordered a kit.

                It's all fun
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