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A New Way To "fume" ?

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  • A New Way To "fume" ?

    There seems to be some interest on the forum for doing chemical "fuming."

    The problem seems to be that some that have tried it, don't seem to get the results that they are looking for.

    I think, I have come up with a solution for you, and I have a new theme for another finishing article.

    Those of you that try it, will you please send me a private message, send the pros and cons.

    Thank you.

    I hope the photos will help you when you give it a try.
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    Thanks Mac...

    for your help on the fuming....
    I'll be adding a few comments about fuming over on the bragging section where I have my horse head....

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      Thanks for posting Mac, and also for enduring the problems with loading the pics.

      That is a great tip.
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        Fuming Option


        Thank you, I'm still not happy yet .(lol) But I'm still trying to get a better photo.

        This one is readable.

        1- Shows the natural wood colors on panels

        2 - Shows Brushed on Ammonia on panels.

        3 - Allow the panels to dry - and then apply clear coats.
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          More brushed on fumed colours

          Here, is another photo that will be in the article, it shows some different woods with different fumed colours that were applied with ammonia on a brush directly onto the wood.

          As the Geico man says, its so easy, even a "caveman" can do it.
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