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Has Anyone Painted A Collapsible Basket?

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  • Has Anyone Painted A Collapsible Basket?

    After seeing (plywood) collapsible baskets being sold in the old Charleston SC market I thought "I can make those." I have a bunch of cabinet grade plywood scraps a finish carpenter gave me that I wanted to use for something. Surprising to me the results weren't bad as long as the plywood edges weren't showing voids in the plys. I could get by using golden oak wood filler and golden oak danish oil as long as the voids were small. With larger voids the wood filler was obvious and the appearance not as pleasing. I visualize a problem expanding and contracting the basket if I paint. Anybody with experience doing this?

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    Hi Harpone - I haven't tried the painting technique you are looking for but I have seen a slightly different take on this which maybe you could adapt.

    I came across some collapsing bowls at a Christmas fair where the frame of the bowl was painted in what looked like opaque acrylic paints. and the bowl part was simply stained top and bottom before cutting the collapsing spiral.

    Assuming that you normally don't see too much of the spiral cut edge when the bowl is expanded you could probably get away with also staining the cut edges and any wood after filling any small voids. Once the collapsing part is stained and oiled I would think it would look ok. Its certainly worth a try.

    This image shows the pieces

    Jim in Mexico

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      I have sprayed a clear acrylic finish on collapsing bowls with good results. (They sold)
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        I think Harpone may be trying to hide that it is ply.

        Use a thicker blade to create a wider kerf
        Expand it using as heavy a weight as you dare
        Remove weight
        Your kerf may be wide enough to allow the paint to dry without sticking together
        Left to dry expanded it may stick together as well, This could be removed with careful use of a razor.

        The thicker the blade the steeper your cutting angle may need to be if you don't want it to look like a spring when under load. If you go this route you may eventually wear finish and paint off by load weight changes.

        I am not an expert.
        Your blade life may vary.
        Kerf lines not included.
        Some cutting required.
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          Spray Finish

          Originally posted by Jim Finn View Post
          I have sprayed a clear acrylic finish on collapsing bowls with good results. (They sold)
          I assume you sprayed the basket in its expanded position. If so, did you then have any problem collapsing it? Any info on your application technique would be appreciated.


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            I wouldn't paint, but would use the produce inlace in the voids to add some pops of color. It would take some practice/patience as the inlace has to be sanded down and you don't want to sand too much, but worth a try. Hmm, maybe I'll try it and let you know how it works. Personally, I like plywood but it just eats the blades. Did you ever see plywood furniture formed into different shapes?

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              Thanks for all the advice

              I have used most of the plywood I wanted to get rid of and have a bunch of baskets I will give to grandchildren of ours and friends. I previously had made one for a daughter who had me paint/stain (paint on the frame, golden oak danish oil on the expanding basket segment: tha finished product looked pretty good. I only used golden oak danish oil on the latest 6. I did have some voids to fill (with golden oak wood filler) on a couple of the baskets and they turned out OK. I may make a couple more and try to 100% paint them just for the experience.


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