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    Okay Everybody, Do not get this idea the same way I did. This idea involved a weedeater, a change of clothes, and a good long shower and if the stains don't come out in the laundry I am quite sure that this idea will involve a few choice words from my better half. Okay here it is " POKE BERRY JUICE" . This is on a piece of redoak veneer mdf. Alright quit laughing at the mental picture that I just painted and check out the one below. Sorry about the little speckles it is overspray from another project. Steve
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    Hi Stevie

    I used to make elderberry wine when I was a student and I kept it in my wardrobe whilst it 'matured' (six months was mature by my standards). One day a batch exploded and I had some lovely red speckled shirts where once I had white ones . They were fit only for use as rags, but I did notice that over a 3 month period they changed color from a vivid red (and white) to a very dun brown. I'm wondering how long your coloring will last.

    I think we need some input from a finishing expert to tell us what the best way is to 'fix' these sorts of colors. Are you there, Mac?

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      Gill, I hadn't thought of that. I will tuck that piece in a cabinet for awhile and check for color changes. I think if it would stay that color or even a little darker it could add some interesting color to some pieces. Steve
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        This is very cool.
        I knew an old master carver from Norway that used to make his own dies and stains from natural products. I wish I picked his brain when I had the chance.
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          Plant colorings

          I'm certainly no expert on this subject, but from my knowledge, they will lose there colors over time. In some cases, a mordant is added to the juices to set the "color fast" into the wood.

          If you test one panel of the color in direct sunlight, and another in a place not in the direct sunlight, you will find your own answer fairly fast.


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            Our ancesters used berry juice to dye things with for thousands of years -- before Ritz ) and it worked for them- heck women use to use it for makeup - It is a pretty shade on your experiment Steve-- To bad I just cut jown two large stalks of Polk my son let go to seed .


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              sawdustus of hiawatha


              For what it is worth, you might try to contact someone in your neck of the woods who does his or her own weaving. Most of them also dye the wool they use with natural dyes. They will be able to tell you what works or doesn't work. In New Jersey there are weaver/dyers found at Waterloo Village. In Mass. it would be at Old Sturbridge Village. I know that they also use black walnut shells for a dark brown color. As Mac said, a mordant is used to set the dye and make it more colorfast. Sunlight is the biggest enemy of dyes and paints. I do like the color though.
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