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Metal hinge to wood-epoxy?

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  • Metal hinge to wood-epoxy?

    I'm thinking of a couple of picture frame projects, and want an easel-type of back. I would use a small metal hinge, and thin wood, 1/8, or 1/4, for the easel. Would epoxy adhere the metal to the wood? I would think tiny wood screws would strip out the wood fairly easy, or maybe use the epoxy on the screws when I install?
    Appreciate the help!


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    I have tried the epoxy way, attaching the hinges to the wood with epoxy and ... it did not work quite well, maybe it was the type of epoxy o maybe it was me, but the thing did not held enough and the hinges came loose. so what i did was a wooden hinge and that seem to work well and looked much better to me. I tried not to use metal as much as i can.


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