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oven pull finishes???

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  • oven pull finishes???

    what type of finishin can i use on an oven pulll? i figure i can stain it, but not quite sure if i should shellac or polyurethane, or what, to complete?

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    Shellac doesn't like the heat.
    I usually just use oil or oil based stain depending on if I want to change the color of the wood. Once dry spray furniture wax. A nice smooth wood finish looks good after it's been used awhile too.
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      thanx squeaky….gigglin


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        I sold several this week and I just dip em in danish oil let it cure for 24 hours after i wipe em down and then i use liquid gold on them smooth as a babies backside...
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          I use Deftoil. It is basically a Danish oil product.

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            thanx friends, i always know where to come to get the answers i need….in case i don’t hear from ya’ll, b/c of ya’ll havin company or ya’ll goin visitin….i’m very thankful for ya’ll and wish you all a very Merry Christmas


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              I only cut them from hardwoods so I leave mine unfinished. Oily is right. Shellac hates heat and water. Oil finishes need refinishing every once in a while varnish is a possible choice...why. The natural wood by itself is beautiful and will get a nice coating of cooking grease as the years go by removing the necessity of you putting an oil finish on them. But that's just my opinion.

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                Could you make oven pullers out of MDF ?
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