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    This will not be a new idea to most but may prove useful to new crafters, hobbiests and scrollers generally.

    Some years ago when I started doing pyro work, I used to buy in wooden blanks from Dalecraft in UK where I live and the would create a design then burn it in.

    I mostly used Sycamore blanks and also 6mm Birch faced Ply sheet(as we call it here). One time I bought in quite a lot of sycamore coasters and created a large number for the fairs I would attend.

    Anyhow, I also bought some wood dye samples (they came in small plastic sample bottles), possibly from the same place I bought my sealants and laquers etc, and got to wondering how Pyro work would look on different finishes and dyes.

    So, I made this simple swatch (below) from some left over square sycamore coasters.

    I dyed each one after drilling a small hole in the corner and burning in the name of the wood dye, and a small floral pattern in a top portions. This allowed me to see a how small blocked in piece incorporating a small lined in design and of course some lettering would contrast with different dyes.

    I then waxed each one and tied them up with a small length of leather thong. (plastic tie would suffice)

    Seven years later on rearranging my little workshop I came across them and although never polished they still stand up well.

    I am sure many people also keep swatches of different woods, as well as finishes. But thought I would post them as a handy tip as they were very useful when I was cosidering different blank and flatwork projects.

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    Good idea . It has never occured to me to keep or make a swatch for the different woods and treating them for future reference .

    Thanks for the post .


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      Thanks for sharing, love that idea.
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