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  • Air brush?

    does anyone use a air brush to put on finish on small projects like ornaments etc. I was thinking about one for lacquer and/or shellac
    if any one uses one what would you recommend?

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    Yes, I have and continue to use an airbrush for spraying coatings on small pieces. You don't need anything fancy for that, just about any single action brush (controls just the air flow) will work fine.
    Its fun and quick and once you get the process set up its easy to clean up!


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      I am going to say NO, for shellac and lacquer spray cans are much easier than dragging air brush out, then have to clean afterwards is a pain in the rear and takes more time than shake can and spray....done. I have one and don't use it for my scroll saw projects. Just my opinion though.

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        Yes,I use a Badger for spraying poly.


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          I forgot to add why I like the air brush over the canned spray. The canned spray is very convenient, however it has no way to control how much comes out. You get a blast when you use it. The only thing you can control is the length of time.

          There are times I would rather have control over the amount and texture of the spray and the air brush allows you to do that. Its particularly useful on small delicate pieces so that you don't flood the surface with finish. hope that explains it a bit more.


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            Just a update I got my air brush and tried water based poly it worked good after thinning some I use oil based finishes most of the time. it looks like im really going to like using it after i set up a spray booth.


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              A nice compromise between an airbrush and a full size spray gun is something like this

              H7673 Deluxe Mini HVLP Spray Gun

              I bought one a few years ago specifically for small stuff like ornaments. It works great and I can use it on slightly larger items as well.
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                I use that same type of mini spray gun as Bill Wilson, in conjunction with my shop compressor, for the items I make. They are a bit larger than most ornaments are though. ( 11" x 8" x 3")
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                  I paint all my projects exclusively with spray paint. The secret i found for shading is pretty simple.

                  They make different nozzles for the spray can so I bought a bunch of them for every color i spray to make the paint come out alot easier.

                  If I am going to shade just a portion of the piece i hold a piece of paper over the area not to be shaded and hit the exposed part with the spray can, there will be a bit of overspray which is the shading.

                  its not a deatailed as an airbrush but alot cheaper and a nice challenge..

                  the nozzles cost .35 each.


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                    Good post, I have one for my shop compressor, now I want to take it out of the box and try it out.


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                      I'm with you Dan. It is a lot of work getting it all set up for just small jobs. If you do a lot, then it would be nice to have it available. They do a real nice detail job when you get to know the brush. I have two & don't use them because it's a lot of work setting up & I can't leave them set up all the time. Don't use them enough. The simple ones would be the best to use for your pieces(single action). They don't get clogged up & not as hard to clean. Good Luck


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