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    Just a quick question on spray on gloss acrylic. I use this reqularly on painted items such as segmentation/intarsia with wonderful results. I tried it on baltic birch ornaments. I used almost 2 cans of the spray and when dried, the bb looked like it hadnt even been sprayed. Is there a trick to sealing the bb first before spraying. when i use the brush on acrylic, (same brand and style) i get a good finish. Just curious why i cant with the spray on.
    Have a great day..Teddy

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    The plywood is going to soak the finish up. When you spray you are putting a very light coat on. So it will take a lot of coats to get a thicker finish.
    You can try sanding with a brown paper bag between coats of finish. It will give a smoother finish.


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      You can seal the BB first using shellac. Then it will not absorb as much.
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        I always use a sealer first, it makes quite a difference.
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          Yup shellac or sealer on BB
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            Try danish oil on the ply prior to clearcoating. Also, theres a rustoleum clear called ultra2X that does a great job of building a thick finish relatively quickly.
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              I agree with the sealer, i makes a big difference. it also will allow for some more even coverage.


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                I use "Deft" sanding sealer first. Lightly sand it and then spray on acrylic.
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                  Since my wife can't have oil based product around here I use a sanding sealer that is waterbased from Ace Hardware on my stuff first.



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