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Cleaning drum sleeves ?

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  • Cleaning drum sleeves ?

    Whats the best way to remove built up saw dust off of the sleeves on my spindle sander?
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    These work great ABRASIVE CLEANER: Home Improvement
    You should be able to find some locally, some people use erasers, rubber sole shoes, soles of running shoes, and I'm sure others will be along to tell you what else works. Cleaning
    all sandpaper really extends it's life. Good luck
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      Wildcat, Get yourself a rubber sanding belt cleaner or if you're cheap like and have an old pair of sneakers use the sole. They work pretty good too.
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        I you drink wine, or something else that comes with the rubbery corks, they work well.


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          If the buildup is from sanding soft wood, the corner of a piece of hardwood scrap works well.
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            I am now diving into my trash can to retrieve old sanding drums that i threw away!


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              That suggestion about hte old sneakers really works. Thanks..... Once I figured out how to get my foot up on the bench it worked great... Yes it hurt the first couple times I fell off the bench but then I got the hang of it it cleaned up the sand paper real nice....

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                On my belt sander I take my shop vac and hold the hose close to, but not touching, the belt and it sucks the dust off like new.


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                  best product i've ever found

                  sorry for not posting this before. The Pro Stick is incredible, HIGHLY recommend
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                    I have used soft steel wool on mine for years and it is about the quickest and best way I have found. Hope this helps.


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