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  • One man's trash.......

    Got this table from a neighbors trash Wednesday night. It had paint and glue all over the top, like on the right leg there, looked like they used it for crafts. I brought it home and am in the process of re-finishing the top. It's 36" x 24" x 34.5" and I'm thinking about mounting my scroll saw to it so I don't have to keep moving it to and from my work bench. My question is, what is the prefered height and angle the table should be? I've never used one before. Thanks for the info! Don

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    That cleaned up pretty good. I have not been out to the shop yet but when I do I'll measure my ex stand for you if you don't have an answer by then.
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      Very nice table. That would go well in my shop too.
      I would say the height of the table should be.....well....when you sit on your stool or stand at the saw, and you place your hands on the saw deck, your fore arms should be parallel with the floor. Ergonomically speaking that is.
      Often folks will have the back legs a little longer so the deck tilts toward the cutter. That makes it easier to see the project being cut and helps with back strain.
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        I wouldn't change the angle of the table, but instead keep elevating the back of the saw until you find an angle that you are comfortable with. It's not a case of one size fits all. Hope this helps.


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          Don, my stand is 31" from the floor. I am 5' 8" tall and I stand while sawing.
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            I also stand while sawing. And I noticed, after reading your replies, that when I stand at my work bench my arms are parallel with floor. But after I saw for awhile my neck hurts bad, like I get a big knot on the right side. I just thought my bench was too high. I'll try angling the saw and see if that helps. Thanx for the input! Don


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              Fwiw I slipped a two foot length of 2x4 under the rear legs of my scrollsaw table with 4" flat on floor, approx 2" rise.

              Made it just the right height for me sitting on work stool, or standing. Did not cost a penny as it was shop scrap wood!


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                My workbench is 35" high which makes my DW788 table sit at 43". I sit on a DeWalt stool which is 29" to the seat. I also have a 2 x 6 beneath the back of my saw. Further more I have my foot switch lifted off the floor about 8 to 9 inches.

                You have a good looking table there to work with!

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                  My wife bought me an adjustable stool so I don't worry about the table height. I just make sure my elbows are at about the same height as the saw's table. I also just got around to tilting the saw forward a bit but haven't used it enough to tell if it makes a difference. I think it will.
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