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  • Baltic Birch Finishing

    Since it seems like so much of what many of us will use for many of our projects is Baltic Birch, can some of you please share some of the methods you use for finishing?
    Particularly on portraits, plaques etc., that have been pre-sanded before sawing.
    On some threads, I've noticed that some mention of the "muddiness" when trying to stain BB.
    Thanks in advance for all your help.


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    For Baltic birch I use Deft clear spray laquer. I've only stained it once with a spray stain and didn't have any of the blotchiness problems others have mentioned. The only place I use BB ply is on portraits so I never have a need to stain it.

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      Staining Woods

      Some woods are known for blotching, if your in doubt about the woods you will be using, first test the stain on scrap woods, if you have no scrap woods, then use the back of the woods to do your testing.

      To prevent or reduce the blotching, you can first spray a thin coat or two of the clear coat you will be using, and then allow to dry, and then wipe on the stain, allow the stain to dry, and then apply your clear coats.

      You can also use, boiled linseed oil, watco, or any of the other oil finishes, a glue sizing will also act to stop the stain from penetrating deep into the wood. you could also use the gel stains to prevent blotching, as they do not penetrate the woods.

      On open grain woods apply extra coats, on closed grained woods, two thin coats should do, but remember when it comes to staining your woods, its samples, samples, and SAMPLES.

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        Thank you for the info. Mac, your giving the "educational" pointers is especially appreciated.



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          samples huh? did I read that right? Who has time for samples!?
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            Originally posted by lucky788scroller
            samples huh? did I read that right? Who has time for samples!?
            Them that doesn't have time to do the whole @#* thing over!


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              "Pre stain " may also help I use it on all of my pine trim in the house. It makes a dramatic differance in the uniformity of the stain.
              All of my balti and finnish birch items get only a clear coat. With a few exceptions some get painted.
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                "Pre Stain"


                What is your prestain?

                It sounds like a "catch word," like every one should use a "wood conditioner" which, actually is nothing more then a drying oil, like any of the oil finishes.

                All the items that I mentioned, are all considered "prestain" coatings that are used to seal the woods, and prevent the stain penetrating into the woods.

                I'm curious to know, what you use.



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                  I believe Mac forgot to mention a 1lb cut of blonde shellac also does the pre-stain job quite well. If you buy the ready mixed shellac, usually a 50/50 dilution with methyl hydrate (alcohol) will do quite well.

                  Also note that shellac, like lacquer, has the advantage of drying quickly. That lets you apply the stain with minimal waiting, as opposed to oil based products.

                  Nice thread.

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