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  • Airbrushing

    I prefer to cut things that can be painted. I have access to a good quality airbrush that I've been hesitant to try. I just purchased a book that came highly recommended by someone that does airbrushing. I have used a small auto paint touch up gun for base coating large areas. I love using it and the finish I get is almost like glass, as opposed to using those cheap sponge brushes.

    Are there any folks that do airbrushing? I would like to use it for shadowing and highlighting on my projects. I was looking for some tips or suggestions I guess.

    The hubby wants me to learn how to do hell-fire flames on vehicles. He figures I could make a mint. They're the flames that look like real fire, not the "lobster/crab" claw flames that most hot-rods have.

    I know I just need to give it a try on some scrap paper or wood. I was afraid to try new things on the scroll saw at first too, but got over that fear real quick. Sorry for rambling, just thinking out loud trying to convince myself to quit being such a sissy. It's only paint. I just don't want to break the airbrush, it's a high dollar one.
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    Hi Kelly, I just wonted to congrats you, on your new toy. I dont' know sqat about painting. but i think blow brusing is so cool looking. I have thought about getting one my self. I will be interested in what you find out here myself. and I don't think you could break your new toy. you just have the touch. good luck. your friend Evie


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      Airbrushing is a wonderful way to do shading and to speed up the painting proccess.
      I beleive Winfield has some good videos on the topic.
      If you want to practice the best thing to do is just jump in.
      I did a mural on my shop wall a few years ago.
      This is the first mural I ever painted.
      The airbrush I had was a cheap one from a garage sale.

      I found the real key was making sure the paint was the right consistancy.
      I did the mural over the course of a week in my spare time.
      I think ornaments would go quicker

      Good luck with your new toy and Have Fun!
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        Carl , that is beutiful. How big is it. you did this on your shop wall?? WOW .
        your friend Evie
        Edit for got to ask, where is the picture from. is it someplace special to you?


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          it is 12 feet wide, it is around 5 feet high. The spot under the wall is a bookcase, junk pile.

          I got two images from a pen and ink book. One for each side. The back part was imaginary. The mountain behind is the one outside our house.
          I found a newpaper clip about a year after I had done the mural. The images I got from the pen and ink book were actually both sides of the same street.
          So I guess it is more real than I think.

          When we first moved into the townhouse my wife said she had decorating domain on the top two floors and I had the basement.
          A blank wall and a bored man leads to this mural.

          That was BS....Before Scrolling :P
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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            Carl, that's fabulous!

            I bought a cheap airbrush last year but I couldn't even get it to spray. I'd love to know how to use one so I'm delighted that this thread has been started.

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              The beauty of an airbrush is the fact that you can feather edges, something very difficult to do with a brush.
              You can also use stencils which would be ideal for painting Christmas decorations or yard art.

              The quality of the paint, and its viscosity are key to being successful.
              If the paint is too thin it will run, if it is too thick it will clog.

              After seeing the work that Toni and Sue do with leather dyes, and the work that Neal does, and the work that Charles Dearing does in SSWC I wonder how the dyes and stains would work through an airbrush.
              Maybe a whole new style of finishing.
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                Been toying with the idea of using my airbrush. I had a taxidermy studio for 6 years and used the airbrush often. Mainly for fish, mammal touchup, etc. You get a 30 lb Northern Pike and that is a lot of spots!
                You also have a choice of lacquer or water-based paints. The airbrush is fun to use, just get some hands-on!

                Good Luck!


                PS. Notice walnut panel on 30" Lake Trout (upper right). This was caught by my son on his 15th birthday (he's 22 now).
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                  This is beyond the question posed by Kelly in her original post: But here goes anyway.

                  I have given up on using a 'hobby' airbrush. Just won't do what I wanted. Many years ago, I airbrushed MinWax varnish on small traditional woodworking projects. All went fine, just had to thin the varnish a little (IIRC, 3 parts Varnish, 1 part Mineral Spirits). I also got involved in airbrushing Deft nitrocellulose lacquer. See attached below.

                  The Problem was / is the bad fumes not doing my lungs or the environment any good. When I tired airbrushing water based lacquer, gosh did it turn out bad. Last Summer and Fall I looked into a project that could have used Conversion Finishes, like catalyzed lacquer pre-catalyzed lacquer, or an epoxy finish. Doing my research lead me to learn my hobby type air brush wouldn't work with these finishes.

                  A typical airbrush sold to hobbyist simply is designed for use with paint. As in artistic automotive detailing; be the auto a model or an expensive Hot Rod. At the molecule level, the finishes that I wanted to apply will not easily be drawn into the spray. The molecules are just too big and heavy. The air pressure is OK, but the air volume flow (CFM) and the size of the nozzle is too small. The thinner, or solvent, sprays out but the finish product becomes splotchy at best.

                  After hemming and hawing a lot I found the woodworker's airbrush at homestead finishing:
                  at the bottom of the page look for the STM HVLP gun. This can be had cheaper elsewhere, but not with all the accessories.

                  Anyway, what with the oil-lube air compressor, line driers, venting fans, spray booth, the STM gun, the budget reached about $700.00 and I haven't even started to buy the $$$ conversion lacquer yet (with its short shelf life.)

                  On the other hand, a $4.00 can of spray water based lacquer, last me a long time, does a very good job, and is real easy to apply.

                  Hmmm, $700.00 + for a new toy and one hell of a learning curve to use, OR a few dollars for a can of more than adequate finish, and save the money for a DeWalt 788 or spend the savings on some repairs around the house. Trust me, the inner boy wanting his new toy is still sulking around inside me.

                  the attached is NOT Scroll Saw work.



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                    Wow Carl , for a bored man , you sure made somthing worth wile. I would love to see what you do when you are not bored.
                    I wonted to post on all the great impho here. but just couldn't remmeber all the great stuff.

                    I thought tonie and sue used leather dyes. that was my thought when i seen their work. the debth of the painting was so cool. and thats what i have been trying to do to. but only on my gourds. the leather dyes are hard to find. so if anyone knows where i can find them please let me know.

                    thanks for all the great impho . and the taxadermy looks great. how did you finish them to get that great shine.

                    your friend Evie


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                      and what art school did you graduate from? That is fabulous!! It would take me a week just to make sure I had everything together before I even started something like that!! I have a very good airbrush that my hubby bought me about 4 years ago and I haven't used it yet. I keep saying that I am going to learn to use it but just seem to run out of time. Anyone know how to get a 36 hour day?

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