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  • Tung oil & finishing

    Okay, I have to admit it...I thoroughly love scrolling but finishing I do not like the time and effort needed!
    Am I alone on this or are there others with me ?
    I'm not scrolling now but trying to catch up on the finishing part of many projects. I don't like this!
    I have taken some of the projects and placed them into tung oil in a tupperware container for a coating(minute or so), taken them out and wiped each piece off to get off the excess, and then let'em dry for a period of time before a coating of clear acrylic or Deft.
    Is this the steps that you follow or need I get some more solid advice about doing this step?!?!?
    Thanks again for some feedback.
    Joe in PA
    P.S. Can't get much woodworking time right now with the temps in the 100 outside and in the garage(my semi-shop and parking area).

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    No your not alone in not liking to do the finishing part of your projects. I like the kind of finish with the fewest and quickest steps. I make a lot of snowflake ornaments that I sell in craft galleries. I dip the snowflakes in tung oil for about one minute, then dry off excess with a rag. After they dry, they are ready to ship with no more finishing required..

    Do remember to hang the rags you used for tung oil outside to dry before disposing of the rags.


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      Joe, Im with you. I don't like the sanding, or the finishing. only becouse I am still learning how. but i will agree with some others, that is, what really makes the project come to life. and every time i do finish a project, I aways wish i would have taken more time here. my family and friends alway ask me , How do I have the patienc to do this, if they only new, I don't in the finish. Evie


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        Sanding to Finish

        We are in accord - if there was someway to avoid the sanding task then we'd be that much happier! Sanding is about double the time of the making.

        JoeCool, I like Tung Oil, it is all that I use. After bathing my work in a bucket of oil, I wipe off the excess and then set it aside for 4-6 weeks. Then go back and do the fine sanding, it easier that way as the machine marks and blemishes are easier to spot.

        Tony Ward


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          OK, you got my attention I've seen this referenced on several posts and would like to try it. Where do I find it ? Are there better brands than others ( in your experience ) or is it just sold as tung oil ? Should it be kept sealed in the dipping container or returned to the can ...disposed of after so many uses ....etc ? Any advice greatly appreciated ( as always )
          DW788 and Hawk 226

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            As I understand there are a numerous producers of Tung Oil products available worldwide. There are many dubious claims as to the amount of Tung Oil in their mix. Obviously the more diluted the less effective it will be.

            Here (in Australia) I buy my Tung directly from the importer, you will know it is pure when it comes in a 44 gallon drum and takes forever to dispense it into a smaller container. Is it available on Ebay?

            I've not had storage or shelf life problems with the Tung, mine sits in a bucket, get's topped up every so often, I've got an old fridge rack on the top for the surplus to run off. When not in use I throw an old towel over the top.

            In the bottom there is this tremendous sludge, thick like molasses, which has built up over time from the sawdust. This is my secret weapon and is good for open grain filling!

            Tony Ward


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