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  • Minwax Antique Oil

    Does anyone know what to use to thin the antique oil? I poured mine into a mason jar for ease of use and it has started to thicken and I threw away the can and have not been able to fine one close by to check out the instructions, thanks.

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    Re: Minwax Antique Oil


    Most solvent based products can be thinned with Mineral Spirits. I haven't used it for a while but Antique Oil is basicly a thinned varnish that may have some Tung oil in it. You are better off and cheaper off mixing your own blend. A common ratio is 1/3 Mineral Spirits, 1/3 Varnish, 1/3 Linseed or Tung oil.

    I tend to use Turpinetine instead of Mineral Spirits because I like the smell better. But for your need's stick with Mineral Spirits to thin the Antique Oil.

    Hope this Helps

    One more thing the Antique oil may have some bee's wax also. You can also add bee's to suit your needs in the above mixture I mentioned.



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      Re: Minwax Antique Oil

      The Minwax Antique Oil Finish is composed of 34% Linseed Alkyd Resin and 66% Petrolium Thinners. You can use Mineral Spirits or Paint thinner.


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