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  • Cedar finish

    I recently cut my first piece out of cedar. I love the smell and don't want to seal it. Is there a finish I can apply to cedar and still be able smell the aroma? Does it even need sealed/finished? The piece is meant for indoors.

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    I'm guessing you are using eastern cedar or aromatic cedar as it is sometimes called. What is the project? I'd leave it unsealed depending on the project.
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      I used the pattern here:

      and scaled it down to approximately 3.5" x 5". The only cedar I had around was 1/2" thick. I've never worked with cedar before so I didn't know if it needed to be sealed/stained/finished.


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        Cedar will lose its nice smell in time. I plan on stocking an all natural cedar wood extract oil, that you can apply to the wood, on an infrequent basis, to keep the smell noticeable. It's certainly one of my favorite smells. BTW, I have cedar wood in any thickness you may desire.


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          I've used aeromatic cedar for a lot of Christmas ornaments. It will lose it's scent and color when left out. To get them back, I just sand my items again. I don't finish my cedar items.
          I don't know if there is anything that will protect the color from changing.


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            i wonder if you just seal the side that shows if the smell would still be there. the seal brings out the color i think



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              any particular sealer I should use?


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                My preference is a finish. Take a piece of scrap and sand to about 400.
                I start with a coat or two of spray shellac with a 400 sanding after each coat. Then I top coat with clear acrylic. sand between coats if it needs more than one.
                Word of caution .... Step back a little on the 1st coat and watch the color and grain jump at you.
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                  I make boxes and trunks of this red eastern cedar and I do not finish the inside... to retain that cedar smell ...and I put a finish on the outside to keep it looking nice. Without a finish it will turn brown in short order. I finish with 2 coats of brushed on Shellac and then sand and put on two or more coats of gloss Poly by wiping it on.
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