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Wiping Varnish and Oil-Varnish recipes

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  • Wiping Varnish and Oil-Varnish recipes

    Wiping Varnish (Miwax Wipe-On Poly)
    2 parts urethane varnish
    3 parts Mineral spirit

    Oil-Varnish Blend (Watco Danish Oil, Minwax Antique Oil)
    1 part urethane varnish
    1 part doule boiled linseed
    1 part mineral spirit

    Keep it in a soft soft drink bottle. Squeeze the air out and tighten the cap. Identify the content and the sheen type.

    Wiping Varnish is faster to dry. For large projects, you might consider Oil-Varnish blend. It has a longer working time but a tiny bit less sheen and build-up.

    I usualy put 2 layers of wipe on poly on scrollsaw portraits.

    If you consider that 1 can of wiping poly is sold the same price as a "pure" can of urethane varnish, you will realize that you got ripped off. 3/5 of the can is mineral spirit sold at the price of urethane!
    Make your own and save money.
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    This sounds interesting. I think I might want to try making my own. Do you favor any particular brand of urethane varnish, blo and mineral spirits products? Thanks for the info.


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      You can use any brand of urethane

      It does not matter what brand, Fletco, Varathane, Minwax etc. As long as it is NOT water base. Select the gloss you need for your project, low sheen, semi gloss or glossy.

      You can even use old urethane, remove the skin and filter it. Urethane is always good even if it made a skin on the surface. The execption is if it iscloudy, a bit like honey that turned into sugar, discard the varnish.

      For the mineral spirit, the brand does not matter. Use mineral spirit DON'T use mineral oil wich is a totaly different stuff.

      As I said before, bottle it in a softdrink bottle and squeeze the air out. I like to use small carton, like the ones to identify keys. You can buy those at Staple and the thread to tie them around the neck comes with them.


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        Thanks. I'll give it a try. The worst that can happen is that I might save some money.


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          The worst will not happen.

          The worst will not happen.
          It will work and you will wonder why you haven't done it before...



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