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Acrylic vs Oil Paints

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  • Acrylic vs Oil Paints

    I'm doing the Easter rabbits from this month's issue and I wondered if somebody would mind giving the the pros and cons of these 2 kinds of paints. I use acrylic paints a lot for inside stuff but have not used the exterior latex type of paint before. A friend of mine said, "I wouldn't use nothing but oil paint!" but when pressed he had no reason except, "That's what we always used."

    On a side note, I have now used quite a bit of the Tried and True Danish Oil, and I can highly recommend it for you chemical-sensitive people. It works well and hardly smells at all. I love it!

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    Formulations of paints have improved drastically over the past 20 years.
    There was a time when latex paints were chalky and not very resistant to scrubbing. Oil paints seemed to have a more durable finish.

    Today's latex and acrylic paints are now just as durable for average users, I would not hesitate using an exterior latex or acrylic on that project.

    I prefer the soap and water clean up on these products. They are a little easier on the environment.
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      Mag- I use to use laytex house paint when I was doing yard art ..just as you do with acrylic it mixes well with any other laytex -drys fast- is clean up with soap and water ,easy to breath- and withstands weather beautifully--oil is slow drying -is bad on the lungs has to be cleaned up with flamable cleaners- bad odor , doesn't mix as well but will mix . I have some laytex that is 10 years old that is still fresh and oil painy drys up long before the paint is used. air and oil paint tend to make the top of the paint set.
      need any more ?


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        Lol I think we have a winner!! Thanks a lot


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          Acrylic Paint

          If you use acrylics I recommend using several wash coats thinned down with water instead of one heavy coat. You can put as many coats on as you like but just make sure the last coat is dry. You'll be surprised at the final finish obtained with several wash coats as opposed to a single heavy coat.
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            I was indeed surprised about the thinned-down paint; thanks for the great tip


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