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  • Antler Carvers....

    ??? I am still working on the antler but was wondering how the antler may be finished. It is very weathered (white) and I would like to restore a natural brown color to it when finished. Can it simply be stained or do I need to consult a taxidermist for a special product? Pam

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    Re: Antler Carvers....

    Potassium permanganate will darken bone and antlers. I have no clue where you could get any, but a taxidermist would probably know. Failing that, try your pharmacist.


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      Re: Antler Carvers....

      I am pretty sure potassium permanganate purple! wouldn't that mess up the antlers?? I had to put some in a water system, a crackpot plumber said the system needed! Came out purple!!


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        Re: Antler Carvers....

        You don't say, or I don't remember, whether your using real antler or a cast one. I have a Tom Wolfe book where he used regular stain on a cast antler and it comes out perfectly. Whether it would work on real antler, can't say right at the moment. Will go out in the shop and give it a try in a bit and let you know.


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          Re: Antler Carvers....

          I have a friend who bleached out an antler mount (oops) and re-colored it with brown and cordovan shoe polish. It looks great!



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            Re: Antler Carvers....

            Here I am back from the shop ... tried minwax oil based and water based stains ... didn't take or if it did very little xxx tried two applications about 20 minutes apart ... sooo, based on that I would try something else on deer antlers.


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              Re: Antler Carvers....

              Yep, Potassium Permanganate is very purple. However, I was told by a knifemaker that a lot of 'antler' handles are just jigged shin bones that have been soaked in Potassium Permanganate. Can't vouch for the truth in his comment. I tried using wood stain on bleached antlers too. Same results.


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