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  • Finishing Suggestion

    I' m working on some small figurines which I want to appear a little aged. I have used boiled linseed oil quite a bit and do not like using it because of the supposed danger and the fact that the darned lid is always so hard to get off.

    My question is: do any of you know an antiquing finish and a sealer that is available at craft stores that you like. I'm thinking of Americana, Folkart, etc. Thanks. Can one use the spray sealers (Glidden's etc.) from Home Depot?

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    Re: Finishing Suggestion

    Hi Woodenleg,

    I just used something the other night that I really like and it works well. I think it's made by Folkart but I'll have to check on that. Anyway it's in one of those small bottles and it's called Instant Age Varnish.

    You just brush that on after your finished painting. It has a bit of a brownish colour when you brush it on, but as it dries, it seeps into all of the crevices and it really gives your piece a nice aged look.

    As I said, I think it's made by Folkart. I buy the small Folkart and Americana paint bottles and it was in the same rack as them.

    Hope this helps
    Safety first


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      Re: Finishing Suggestion

      I've only used this once on a smaller carving, but it worked fine:

      Antiquing Medium

      I bought the small 2 oz bottle just in case I didn't like it I wouldn't have a lot to dispose of.


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        Re: Finishing Suggestion

        Thanks, I tried these substances and they worked fine. The only exception is the face which turned a lot darker than I wanted.

        Should I try varnishing (sealing) this before I use the antiquing, just to brighten the face a tad?

        Also, do you know of a good color to use for 'gold' buckles and so forth? The one I have is rather poor and tends to flake off a bit.


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          Re: Finishing Suggestion

          On the gold:
          I've tried two -
          1. FolkArt
          265 Pure Gold Glitter
          Which is 'rather poor and tends to flake off a bit.'
          2. Delta Ceramcoat
          Metallic 14K Gold
          Seems to be pretty good, but is pretty transparent so if you want and opaque finish you'll need multiple coats.

          Can't say about the rest of the question.

          Anything I say about painting is from the rankest of rank amateurs!


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            Re: Finishing Suggestion

            You might try one of the 'gilt' products. I've seen them in two types; liquid paint-or-rub-on, and a small jar of paste.

            I've used these and they work prettyw well, but tend to get dull if you varnish over them.

            another option, that I havent tried, but have heard stays bright under varnish, is that very fine metalic sheet that actually goes on like gilt.



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              Re: Finishing Suggestion

              Ed - when you want to use Ceramcoat (or any brand) metallic gold paint, apply a first coat of any DARK yellow color first, then the gold.
              That will create a nice base color and you'll need only one coat of the metallic gold.


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                Re: Finishing Suggestion

                Nancy_G : Thanks for the tip xxx told you I was rank make that an amatuer today's saturday time to get the wash tub out.


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                  Re: Finishing Suggestion

                  Do you thin the antiquing product like acrylic paints, or use full strength? Thanks Ken


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                    Re: Finishing Suggestion

                    I use the Antiquing Medium from FolkArt and I love it. The best thing is that it can be thinned with water (soap and water clean up too, that's a definite plus in my book!).
                    I have also had a problem with my nice paint job on a face 'disappearing' with the Antiquing Medium. I always thin it with water now. Also, a really good thing to do is to use Delta Ceramcoal Gloss Varnish (little bottle sold at Wal-Mart, right along with the FolkArt paints). I put a couple coats on both the eyes and lips before antiquing, this will prevent the Antiquing Medium from 'antiquing' the eyes and making them too dark. Of course, the gloss makes them look much more life like also.
                    Nancy, duhhh, I can't believe I never thought to do that with the yellow paint, when I think of all the coats of gold paint I've built up, well, duhhh sure does describe it best!! Ha! Ha! Thanks! Callynne


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                      Re: Finishing Suggestion

                      Sorry Woodenleg, forgot the last part of your question. I use Krylon's Satin Finish Sealer. I like it (the Satin part) because the sheen isn't so glossy looking (of course, that's why they call it Satin : ) Anyhow, I imagine any clear spray would work. I notice on the label here it mentions that it's non-yellowing, that would definitely be something you'd want! Callynne


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                        Re: Finishing Suggestion

                        Another nice feature of the Krylon is that it can be recoated ANYTIME, as opposed to a 72 hour wait, after 2 hours for some of the other brands.



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                          Re: Finishing Suggestion

                          I have tried several finishes and to tell you the truth , I have found that brewing a very strong tea and wiping it onto my carvings work really well. I have also used transmission fluid to give wood that cedar red look. With both finishes , let dry and apply soft bees wax and buff to shine.
                          1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10....YEP , all my fingers are still there !!!


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                            Re: Finishing Suggestion

                            Transmission fluid, eh?

                            Boy, I could just put my carving under my wifes Buick for an hour or so. How easy is that?? LOL

                            Chris :


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                              Re: Finishing Suggestion

                              On your Gold belt buckles try using Testors gloss enamel #1144 gold.
                              Has worked great for me. I also use it to put gold stripes on my Santas.



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