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    I'm probably one of the guys too "shy" or stupid to have asked before but here goes...I've made some puzzles and small other projects but don't know where to begin in finishing them to have them look better.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    As for puzzle finishes, I cant offer much help, but for general fretwork, heres what I do. Remove any fuzzies from your work, and sand it good. Then blow or wipe off dust, and coat it with Danish oil, either by dipping, spraying, ragging, brushing. let it set and drip off for 5 min or so. Blow out excess oil from frets, and wipe the surfaces off with paper toweling.Let it air for a couple days,then spray on a couple coats of Deft clear semi-gloss wood finish from aerosol can. sand with 400 grit after the second application, and wipe off dust and spray a final coat on!
    Thats a short, simple version without going into to much detail. I hope it shes a bit of light on exactly how I finish.
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      For fret work I like the dip method and have used Danish oil, Tung oil and Wipe On Poly all with good results. I use a disposal baking pan or pie plate and I made a drip dry rack using 1/4 inch construction wire (at least that is what I think they call it). I wipe lightly with 0000 steel wool between coats. I just wipe on the 2nd coat on the top surfaces and normal 2 coats is all I need. One caution. Do not use Wipe On Poly if you are making a hot plate or trivet. Have fun.

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        I use linseed oil (main ingredient in Danish oil) mixed with mineral spirits a lot. I have also used wipe on poly and spray Deft, but I don't have good enough ventilation to use Deft (lacquer with additives that even the coat well) in the cold.


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          Puzzles, fretwork, and portraits should be finished differently.

          Puzzles: Very clear finish that will not harm the graphic. If you search this forum, many will recommend Triple Thick Glaze. There are several makers, and you can find Triple Thick Glaze spray cans at Wal-Mart and Big Box home improvement stores in North America. Krylon brand spray can has a clear plastic top. Be aware the price is as much as $5.00 a can spread from least to most expensive.

          Puzzles for very small children: Finish must be non-toxic; put in Mouth safe. Very long and heated arguments on what is Non-Toxic. In My Most Humble Opinion: stick with Mineral Oil from drug store; in Laxative section.

          Fret work has been covered above. Just dip it and wipe off and wait for 24 hours. Repeat several times. Then allow to cure for 72 hours. Cure can take up to 30 days. (Dry and Cure are not the same.)

          Portraits: Maybe some else will reply. I burned the only one I made. Flame and smoke is not a valid finish on this forum.



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            On pictorial - like portrate and the scenic stuff I either spray clear coat over entire pieceor brush on a poly- on fretwork- cradles- candle holders- clocks and the such I first stain then i poly coat. on the picturoral i use brown backerboard painted the desired color-- its cheap cheap cheap and does very well for the back plus takes paint really well-- on some welcome sign fret work with flowersand birds and such I have painted the edges slightly of each item -color acording to what it ias -- bird- flower- leaf or letter-- beautiful results every time..
            Hope this helps and I know I need a spell check but not tonight -- this old hen is pooped..


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              Thanks all!

              I new I get the scoop from our famous forum members!!!!!!
              Many thanks!!!!!!!


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