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? on where to sell Scroll saw work

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  • ? on where to sell Scroll saw work

    Hello! Question for anyone who can help me. My Grandfather who is over 80 has made many things is now looking to sell some of his projects off. One is a Lighted Scroll Tower Clock. The box that he built for it to sit in for shipping it around is 51 1/4 high by 28 wide and 14 1/2 deep. The clock is about 4 inches shorter than that. It has 100 lights set into it. It took him around 400 hours to make it. It is very detailed. Most of it is Black Walnut. I do have photos of it if youd like to look at it. I thought about putting it on Ebay but have no idea what catagory to put it in. ANy help would be great.
    Next he has a train he made. Its got the engine, coal car, passanger car and the caboose. Its very detailed to. He spent around 80 hours on it. You can see into the passanger car and see seats and the coal furnace. Its 67 3/4 long by 8 1/2 wide by 9 3/4 high. Again i have no idea where to put this on ebay or if there is some other place to sell this stuff. He has an idea of what he wants for it but not sure if he is asking to much or not. There are no nails in this woodwork, only glue. I have photos if anyone wants to see it. Thanks again for your help.


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    Rachel. I would love to see pictures. Not to buy it, but rather to admire his fine work. As for ebay, It prolly wouldnt do it justice, I would seek out a gallery near you.You will never get what its worth on ebay, some things need to be seen first hand to really see the beauty and craftsmanship. thats my thoughts on it anyways, some may disagree with me. Dale
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      I wont go into the where part because that has many aspects to it and am sure others will chime in with suggestions. But I will say this it is very hard to ship any fragile work like that through the postal services. Too many things can go wrong and with all that work involved it would be ashame to get to the place and be broken. I would suggest trying local craft shows, maybe a consignment store. Even though he has a box for it it still will be handled roughly and to secure it would be almost impossible. People set things up in libraries and show there stuff and sell things that way if you can work something out. Like I said there are so many other ways and location plays a big factor. So I will let the others give suggestions. Good luck. Post photos we would be glad to look.
      John T.


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        I have to agree that galleries are the best place to sell art.
        It will also show more value if the history is included with it.

        As an example, I have a friend who sandblasted rocks through stencils. If he sells them locally he gets between 25 and 50 dollars per piece.

        He took some samples into a gallery in Vancouver. They were bigger pieces about the size of a small boulder.
        The dealer at the gallery said leave it with us on consignment.
        He ended up with several thousand dollars for not much more work than he did on the 50 dollar pieces.
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          Besides galleries, another place to consider is higher end furniture stores. If your grandfather wouldn't mind the attention, you might also consider contacting the editor of the loca/living/whatever section in your paper. They love human interest stories that feature aging craftsmen with stories to tell and I have seen more than one that almost blatantly advertised that the items in the pictures were for sale. When you get into your 80s, you deserve a few breaks. Finally, don't forget friends and family. I have heard "You should have told me first" so many times when potential heirlooms are sold.


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            Thanks everyone for your advice, ill try to attach pictures with this. They dont show as much detail with as small as i had to make them. I really like the idea of contacting a local newspaper. I may try that! THanks!!

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              Woodcraft Gallery

              Rachel....You can post those items for sale at The site is sponsored by Woodcraft and the service is free. You will have to register so potential buyers can contact you. You can upload photos of the items with a description and asking price. I have several pieces there that are probably way over priced but who knows???? I forgot to change my email address there when I changed ISP's so I don't know if anyone wanted to buy my stuff or not?? I fixed it today so I guess I'll know before too long!! It's free so you have nothing to lose but time. Hope this helps a little. BTW list it under "Arts and Crafts".
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