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Finish for childrens toys and puzzles

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  • Finish for childrens toys and puzzles

    I am new to scrolling but will be making puzzles and toys for children. I have read that the best oil to use for finishing is salad oil because it is non toxic in case the tykes chew on it. I'd love to be enlightened as to whether this is an old wives tale or is true.

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    I would be disinclined to use a vegetable or cooking oil because it won't dry out fully and most oils of that nature will eventually go rancid. Added to which, they'll need repeat applications.

    There are commercially prepared oils and paints that are certified as being suitable for children and I'd suggest you use one of those instead.

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      I think you are refering to the salad bowl finish. That is their big claim. That is nothing more than a poly. As for safety all finishes become safe when properly cured which take time. Just because a project is dry it is not cured. One thing to stay away from is any products such as BLO or Danish oils tung oils, or things of that nature that cure much more slowly and at times never are cured. You would want latex paints, polys and lacquers. Hope this helps.
      John T.


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        Food safe finish - Urban Legend

        According to Bob Flexner author of Understanding Wood Finishing. There is no such thing as Food Safe finish. As long the finish has completely cured and that all the solvent has evaporated (at least 30 days) ALL finishes are food safe. This is from the time when lead was used in paint and finishes. Back then it was true...Not anymore.

        This is one of the things I learn form his book (By the way, it is edited by Fox Chapel Publiching, owners of the SSWS forum and magazine). I recommend this book.
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