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    I am currently working on a large Blanket Box and I am trying to add strips to the lid with stain. I am currently using a Golden Oak Gel Stain and have done two coats with the area I wanted stripped taped off. It did not appear to darken with the second coat. What I was wondering is can you use a different color stain over the top of what I already have down? I was thinking of using a Walnut to get the looking of striping that I was hoping to get. Any ideas?

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    You can use a darker stain for stripping but have to warn you it is possible it will bleed into the surrounding areas and not look sharp and crisp. You might want to think about an oil base paint and even that is no guarantee not to do the same but you would have a better chance. Whatever you decide I would try either method on some scraps first to see if it bleeds through. When working the scraps make sure you do the exact same things you would do with the good piece so you know the exact results. Good luck
    John T.


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      When I want to stain a given area and don't want the surrounding areas to get stain/paint on em...I use good ol' vaseline. It won't soak into the wood and wipes right off with no residue once the finished area is dry. I never have bleed through like I do sometimes with tape.

      just a suggestion...
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