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    I transfer photocopies to wood with heat and get pretty good results. Has anyone used rubber stamps, or silk screening or any other method to transfer images to wood?
    I can see some issues with ink bleeding into the pores and I wonder if anyone has overcome this issue.
    Has anyone used rub on transfers for eyes etc.?

    There is a product called Print Gocco, which is a silkscreen style of unit that my father used years ago. I see it is still available. Anyone ever had success with that?

    Anyone use fineline pens,and once again did it bleed?
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    I have not used rubber stamps, but a chip carver that I know uses a stamp for some of the rosettes he makes, and you may know how precise chip carvers are. I remember he said something about having to use the right kind of ink - and I don't remember whether it was water soluble (doubtful!) or permanent (much more likely).
    Also, I use sharpie markers when I carve at fairs, art festivals, etc - just to draw on features or eyes on little give-away carvings, or to color in parts to make them show up. They don't bleed -unless you hesitate for even a nano-second - and then it depends on whether you are on end grain (bad) or side grain (not so bad).
    Seems like the heat transfer method may be more desireable, but I can never seem to get the lines fine enough.
    So... this kind of reads - I don't know either, but I wish I did.


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      Rubber stamps should work well. A spit coat of shellac before stamping will keep the ink from sinking into the wood. Your mention of the words "silk screen" opens new ideas to me. I'll be looking into it.


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