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    Does anyone use an airbrush to apply lacquer or other finishes?...I have a Pasche, I haven't used and would like some info on what finishes can be sprayed with it, and how much and with what to thin the finishes down to allow it to spray correctly...Thanks...Dennis

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    A very good source to answer that question is to ask Warren Kafitz. He use that airbrush all the time and for many different finishes especially laquer. He is the moderator for the scrollsawing section on the Wood site. You can email him at [email protected] He does some fine work and many large pieces as well and uses that airbrush.
    John T.


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      Just my opinion:

      1. For Fretwork, few people notice the finish; they notice the intricate pattern and appreciate the effort to cut the fretwork. Use a finish that is easy to apply.

      2. By Lacquer, if you mean Deft products, yes you can spray Deft with a Pasche using the largest nozzle. Check with the Pasche Web site for your model and the nozzles they offer. Read can for thinner to use. No need to thin too much. Deft is not as thick as model car paint.

      2a. About 70-85% of Deft finish you spay with a Pasche airbrush will end up on the project, the rest becomes airborne and goes in your lungs, on your hair, clothes, walls, floor, everywhere. Safety equipment is optional.

      2b. Deft in a spray can is easier to use, clean up, and in my personal opinion, a greater percentage of finish ends up on project when compared to a Pasche airbrush. Thus, I have packed my Pashce airbrush away and don't use it any more.

      3. By lacquer, you mean one of the Water Based lacquers, for some brands, the molecule of the finish is too large for any of the Pasche nozzles. Other brands of spray guns, with narrow spray pattern attachments, are able to handle the large molecules of WB lacquer. I looked into this, getting suggestions from JTTheClockMan, and the cost of the WB spray guns is way out of my budget.

      4. There are several brands of WB lacquer in spray cans now on the shelves of the major home improvement stores. This is due to the enviornmental issues with the thinner of traditional lacquer. I have used them with modest success.

      If you want to use your airbrush with varnish, like Min-Wax, go for it. It does a good job, but you still need the larger nozzle.



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        I have a "Critter Sprayer" that I use for both paint and finish. I prefer to use water based products, but the critter will work with just about anything. It is a larger sprayer than an airbrush I believe - the paint is put into a pint sized canning jar. And you need an air compressor to work it.


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