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  • what to use????

    I completed this portrait awhile back and never put anytype of finish on it since it was for myself. My wife's friend would like me to cut 5 for her children and to finish them. I used 1/4" BB on top and I painted a piece of 1/8" plywood on the bottom. Any idea's that will keep it looking good for along time and not yellow. I'm sorry I can't get the picture to upload.I would still like to hear your ideas.

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    John (JT) is the master finisher that I know of, and I'm sure he'll chime in. (almost peer pressure John )

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      I use Deft Clear Semi-Gloss spray for all of my portraits/scenics whatever they're called. I've never had a problem with yellowing.

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        heavykevy, I have used Minwax water-based Polcrylic. 3 or 4 coats looks great. Water based products will not yellow, oil based will. Mick.
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          I will chime in but sorry will not be of much help to you because I do not do many portraits. I can tell you this yes a waterbase product will stay clear to a degree. As an oil base product will add a hint of yellow. Now some like the look some prefer the plain look. In any case time will yellow it somewhat even with waterbase. I have heard many people just dip in Blo and frame it. Some frame with a glass some without. Sorry I could be of no help to you.
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            Listen to the others, ignore me.

            It just seems to me that for such bland wood as BB playwood, a little yellow would look nice and warm. In fact I even tried a good quality shellac, which has just gobbs and gobbs of yellowing effect, to bring out the bland effect of BB plywood.

            But, just a word in you ear if I may.... aha don't use shellac with fretwork unless you are looking for problems. It just don't look good, hard to apply correctly, plus the mess of mixing, straining, and shaking...well it is just too many problems for what you get out of it.



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