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Puzzle Finish: two newer products

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  • Puzzle Finish: two newer products

    In my quest to find better finishes for photo or graphic image puzzles, I discovered two spray finishes in my local BORG* and other large box home improvement stores.

    I don't know if these are available outside North America.

    Minwax has a Water-Based "Polycrylic" protective finish in Clear Gloss for about $6 to $7 USD. It spays on a thick layer of finish like Triple-Thick Glaze. I think it is a cross between clear acrylic glaze and polyuthathine finish, without the mineral sprits.

    Rust-Oleum has a product line American Accents spay finish. This one is a winner. Not as expensive as Minwax product, but more expensive than Krylon's Tipple-Thick Glaze. It did not seem to dissolve the inks from an ink jet photo on photo paper. I gave it two days to cure before cutting.

    I think the Rust-oleum product is a lacquer based finish (like Deft), since the label states the can contains lacquer thinner chemicals. However, the aromatic aroma is way less than the stink from Deft. It did take about 4 coats before I was satisfied about the thickness of the finish.

    I glued the graphic image to BB plywood using Tacky Glue.

    Usual comments about spay finishes apply: Overspray, uneven spay application, and so forth.

    Anyone else tried these products??
    How about on fretwork?
    The Rust-Oleum would look great on Intarsia.


    *BORG: Big Orange Retail Giant, a reference to the Orange color scheme of Home Depot and a reference to an old TV series.

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    Okay, I got lost (probably me). Rustoleum has the product or American Spray? What is it called exactly?



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      Large Bold print on can: American Accents

      small fine print on can: by Rust-Oleum

      The spray can is beige in color, there is a shelf of the American Accents spay cans, mostly differnt colors and finishes at the BORG. But amongst them was the clear coat product. After I posted the orginal message I noticed in fine print on the top lid of the spray can the words "matt finish". BTW, the top lid of the can is clear plastic.



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        I'm not sure I would consider the BORG reference from an "old" tv show....I have fond childhood memories of the assimilation <grin>.


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          When it comes to scrolling "Resistance is Futile"
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
          Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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            I knew that it was me not getting that! Sometimes you need to type slower for some of us folks here in Ohio.

            Thanks Phil.


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              No problem. And it ain't just Ohio. Take the case of Plaid, maker of Mod Podge that some have written about. Plaid now also has the product lines of Royal and Folk Art. Mod Podge has competition from both product lines.

              Deft is getting hard to find around me, and I like the lacquer finish on a lot of things. I just want people to get the word that there is a replacement for the missing Deft.

              {you don't know hard it is for me to avoid starting a rant about some where around the Chesapeake Bay they want to ban all lacquer thinner and mineral sprits from the consumer market, and thus force everyone to use water based varnishes and lacquers.}

              I want someone else to try the product. I tried it on a limited application case. There could be draw backs in a different situation.



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                I haven't tried them - but will look for them next time I am at the BORG.
                T (who doesn't understand the tv reference....... )




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