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    I have completed a stylized blue heron, 8' high made of butternut, the
    base will be of bass wood. I intend to keep it natural and want to keep
    the beauty of the wood showing.
    What finish is recommended for butterwood? What is a good brand




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      Re: Finish

      butternut looks good when finished with soft gloss oils like Tung oil. It won't create glare that hides the grain.


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        Re: Finish

        I have not, as yet, tried using tung oil as a finish so I am not familiar with it's characteristics. Is it a thin oil that soaks right into the wood or does it compare lets say to linseed oil? How about drying time?

        I am wondering how it would work on bark carving. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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          Re: Finish

          Tung oil is a very light oil that is usually clear but I think I have seen it with a bit of stain to darken it. It is a rubbing oil that looks best on smooth surfaces. It leaves a very low gloss while bringing out the grain in wood. I usually use several coats. It will protect the wood like linseed oil and should be recoated occasionally, especially in dry climates.


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            Re: Finish

            Thx. Captain - Have you ever tried tinting tung oil with oil paints? I have done that with a clear Minwax stain to achieve the tint I want, but I would like to try tung oil to compare the end result.


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                Re: Finish

                Hi Woodpecker - Thx for the input.


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                    Re: Finish

                    I think you may want to use oil-based burnt umber rather than acrylic. The acrylic is water based and may not mix with the oil.


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