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    Hi all
    this is my first post on this board since I found it (three days ago) I'm 15 and have been carvign for a couple of years now on and off.
    Any how enough about me, I have an almost finished carving, it's a lizard out of Osage Orange but I'm not sure what the best way of finishing it is. I want it smooth and kind of shiny but not thick(like a spray finish). Do you have any suggetions?
    thanks, silas
    P.S. how do you post pictures on here.

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    Re: finishes

    You've come to the right place for information. I've found it to be full of people fulll of knowledge and opinions.
    I can't help you with the finish, but I can help you with posting pics.

    With the current system, you have to upload your photos to another site (Ackward, I know, but we're working on it). Then right click on the picture and go down to properties. Copy the web address for the photo and come back to this board. In the message screen, click on the 'insert image' button. This makes the following code appear '[img][/img].' Paste the link to the photo between the codes. (ie g] image link[/i) If you have any questions, give me a hollar.

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      Re: finishes

      Osage Orange???? That is one hard wood. Dulls chains saws in nothing flat.
      Gave a log of it to my Father-in-law who had it ganged saw at a small saw mill in Mo. Burned the tips of the gang blades and the saw mill owner told my FIL not to bring him any more of that stuff. We use them for fence posts here in SEK.
      Safety first, then enjoy carving! Ken Caney, Ks


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